Make your website
ADA & WCAG compliant with 1 line of code

Compliant ensures your website is accessible to all, regardless of any disabilities

We make D2C brands accessible online

the pros

Benefits of Compliant

Improve Brand reputation

Accessibility allows all users to feel seen and respected

Don’t Get Sued

Protect your business from lawsuits and legal complications

Increased Traffic and SEO

Boost your effectiveness online and expand your customer base

Our Clients Know Best


"If you are committed to making your website and service accessible to all, look no further than compliant, they will make sure you are taken care of!"
Dan Miller
CEO and Founder
"A+ team, A+ responsiveness, A+ tool. I know my business is protected and my audience is taken care of with this  simple tool for ADA and WGAC compliance."
Chris Riley
CEO and Founder
"Working with Compliant has helped to button up our business in a way we are proud of.  At Venus Et Fleur, we care about our customers and want to guarantee accessibility for all. Compliant’s easy set up and straightforward protection has made online accessibility simple. Strongly, strongly recommended."
Nick Chadha
Global Business Development
I’m so glad I went with Compliant. The entire team is knowledgeable, responsive and very eager to assist with any questions we have. Do not hesitate to use their accessibility services for your business. You won’t regret it.
Umer Usman
Senior Growth Marketing Lead
"I’m so glad I went with Compliant. We got a notice from a lawyer about not being accessible and the team at Compliant took care of the entire process. 1 week and we had the entire thing setup."
Chris Gadek
VP of Growth
"Compliant is the leading accessibility tool in the country. At M13, it is my job to bring all of my brands the best services and products in the marketplace. Compliant has delivered on a level that I couldn't have imagined. Highly recommended as they execute!"
Carter Reum
Co-Founder: M13 | Entrepreneur I Investor @Lyft, Ring, Rothy's | Bestselling Author: Shortcut Your Startup
"Compliant is the only accessibility tool that I trust to protect my business."
Steve Weiss
"Compliant is a trusted partner to Moxielash. Highly recommended. Real review. Real people. BOOM!"
Val Y.
Founder & CEO

the process

How it Works


Step 1

Add a single line of Javascript without changing any existing code


Step 2

The Compliant accessibility widget will immediately appear on your website


Step 3

Compliant begins examining all pages
and content


Step 4

Within 48 hours, your website is fully accessible and free of liability


Step 5

Every day, Compliant continues to scan and automatically adjusts any newly published content


Compliant’s Main
Accessibility Modes

Our widget ensures ADA & WGAC compliance

Safe Profile
Can eliminate flashes and reduce colors that can trigger seizures.
Disability Mode
brings easier reading and focusing for the website.
Screen Reader/Blind
Users Mode
Turns the website’s ability
to work with your
screen reader.
Impaired Mode
Turns the website’s ability
to work with your
screen reader.
Friendly Mode
Can help bring more focus
and less distractions.

We keep you safe

How you’re protected with Compliant

ADA Compliance
Includes Accessibility
Certification & Statement
24-hour Automatic
Compliance Monitoring
Monthly Compliance
Audit Reports

Compliant provides a solution for all
Web Hosting Platforms